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green and low carbon-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

fully implementing the national green development strategy, we are facilitating green and low-carbon transition by reducing waste, increasing productivity, promoting environmentally friendly products and services, and adopting clean technologies, which will contribute to the scientific carbon reduction goal and push the whole society and industry towards green development


climate change action

integrating climate change factors into the company's strategy, luxshare systematically identifies and actively responds to climate risks and opportunities that may affect business operations, comprehensively carries out innovative climate actions, and implements green and low-carbon management in the whole value chain

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    climate risk and opportunity assessment

  • scientific carbon reduction goals and actions

green manufacturing system

we are gradually perfecting a green manufacturing system that reconciles resource efficiency with environmental impact to promote the green transformation on the production side

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    promote zero waste to landfill

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    promote sustainable water management

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    establish green factories

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    lean hazardous substances management

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    enhance chemical safety

clean technology and products

as a leading enterprise in precision manufacturing, luxshare actively pursues clean energy transition and continues to promote r&d, production and application of clean technology products

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    green business layout