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    supplier platform

    luxshare is strengthening its business protection by building a world-class procurement system and supply chain

supply chain management goal
in a push for digital and intelligent transformation of supply chain, luxshare is building a robust talent fostering program and aiming for win-win cooperation, so as to create a professionalized supply chain management team with high efficiency and integrity and to build a solid bulwark for our business fortress

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  • correct attitude

    correct attitude

    building a supply chain in line with luxshare's development and creating technological value in our product, we insist on honesty in our business practice and forbid any fraud and deception

  • our priorities

    our priorities

    abiding by the bottom line of honesty, integrity, and fairness, all procurement staff are constantly learning to improve their professional knowledge, business capability, and service capability

  • scientific management

    scientific management

    by scientifically designing a procurement process and platform, luxshare is effectively managing practices of procurement and of its suppliers, striking a balance among cost, service, quality, and technologies. luxshare is also strengthening process compliance with internal review and audits, and approval of its procurement strategies from internal experts, so as to improve the procurement's service capability to multiple product lines

  • sustainable development

    sustainable development

    by championing long-term partnerships and aiding in their development, luxshare is growing together with suppliers in technological and managerial capability; and empowering its supply chain's global operation with a painstaking management of its global strategies. disruption in business is being minimized through the installation of continuity in the business operation, which further boosts the supply chain's resilience and flexibility

  • mutual benefit and win-win

    mutual benefit and win-win

    a scientific distribution of benefits in the supply chain enhances procurement efficiency and transparency, and lowers unnecessary costs. upholding the tco management philosophy, luxshare is optimizing cost of the entire supply chain and thus achieving win-win with suppliers

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