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Amberly is from Newburgh, Indiana. She began her journey at Livewell as a trainer and developed a love for Flex 151. Amberly has always had a passion for holistic health. She hopes to continue spreading knowledge of health and wellness among the community. Livewell is about finding the best side of yourself and growing everyday! We have many services that aid in making you the best you can be. 

Lauren is from Evansville, IN. She heard about Livewell from her mom and they began going to yoga class here. She eventually got to know staff and began working here. Lauren is a psychology major at the University of Southern Indiana. She has always had an interest in wellness and mental health. She believes good mental health starts by taking care of yourself and being mindful of what you put into your body. Lauren plans to get her degree and own her own business. She is very interested in advertising and art.


Flex 151 Trainer

Aneli is a senior at the University of Southern Indiana and is graduating in the spring of 2019 with a health care administration degree. Throughout her 4 years at USI, Aneli has developed a passion for health and wellness and she wants to use her degree to promote healthy living in her community. Aneli heard about Livewell through a previous trainer and when she learned about their mission she knew this was the right place for her.


Customer Relations

Karoline is a senior at Castle High School.  She is going to Indiana University to study Nursing and health relations.  Karoline plans on becoming a Physician's Assistant.  She is all about helping and getting to know people.  Karoline is a part of two show choirs at Castle and is constantly on her feet.  Her family has been going to Livewell for over 3 years and she has met all the staff and became close with them.  She has always had an interest for health and overall wellness in the mind, body, and spirit.  


Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor

Lanna began her yoga journey as a way to stay active in college. She quickly discovered that practicing yoga was so much more than just a form of exercise. From practicing regularly, she saw benefits in so many other areas such as pain relief from her past gymnastic and dance injuries, stress reduction, relief from anxiety and a sense of greater overall health and well being. As a result, she developed a passion in her heart to help spread the gift of yoga to others. 

In 2010, she decided to undergo the 200 hour teacher training through Evansville Yoga Teacher training and has been teaching ever since. She believes yoga can benefit anyone and everyone and is especially driven to help break the yoga stereo types. She claims it’s simply a matter of creating a tailor made practice to fit each individual person’s needs. She believes yoga works best when taught one on one and has taught a variety of students ranging from ages 4 - 80 with a range of abilities and special needs. Most importantly, she says whether you do yoga to increase flexibility, stay fit, relieve stress, decrease pain, as a form of meditation or as a way of life, just keep practicing! The benefits are truly limitless, and you may be surprised what changes yoga creates in your life, regardless of the reason you started

Since a child Kylie has found enjoyment in being very active. Due to a serious accident in 2009 her physical activity became extremely limited. A doctor introduced her to yoga as a way to strengthen and heal her injuries. That is where her love for yoga blossomed. To Kylie yoga is so much more than a physical practice, it is life changing enrichment. She decided to become an instructor in 2013 so that she may spread the love she has for yoga to others. Yoga is her passion, so join 200hr CYT for a yoga class. Namaste

Courtney has always had a passion for health and wellness, which led her to a career in the medical field.  After many years practicing as a registered nurse, she became especially curious about Eastern medicine as well.  She has developed a love of yoga, meditation, and many holistic therapies.  She believes that wellness is centered in the whole person, taking care of the body, mind, and spirit, which become united through regular yoga practice.  She has experienced many health benefits through her yoga practice, extending beyond the mat and into everyday life, and she felt inspired to share yoga with others.  She loves that yoga can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual person, honoring that we are all on a unique physical and spiritual journey.  Courtney completed her 200 hr Evansville Yoga Teacher training in 2017 and feels blessed to join the Livewell team!


Group Fitness Leader

LaDonna has been teaching Group Fitness classes for 8 years. She currently holds certifications through AFFA, The Y, TRX, Zumba, Les Mills, and BootyBarre. She became interested in Barre through her love of dance. LaDonna's knowledge of dance and music provides an energizing class that is both fun and challenging. She understands the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and hopes to inspire and instill confidence in her students as they work together towards their goals.