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the record of anti epidemic of luxshare ict labor unions-pg电子游戏官网官方网站

since the beginning of 2022, it was quite hard to prevent and control. in order to further protect the health and safety of all luxshare's employees, ensure the normal production of our factories, and build a strong fortress for epidemic prevention and control, the labor unions of luxshare's main sites have actively responded to the call of local labor unions at varying governmental levels and actively participated in organizing a series of epidemic prevention activities to help win the battle against covid-19, giving full play to the role of labor unions in protecting employees' rights and interests and caring for employees.

dongguan plant

on february 25th, many cases of covid-19 were found in dalang town, dongguan city. having received the notice of nucleic acid test, the labor union of dongguan plant responded quickly and organized local employees to carry out two rounds of nucleic acid tests on february 25 and february 26 respectively in quick, efficient and orderly way.


on march 16th, the impact of new round of epidemic brings the upgrade of prevention and control in dongguan comprehensively. our local labor union responded to the upgraded policy immediately, implemented quickly, prevented and controlled the pandemic scientifically and strictly. we also put much effort in assisting related departments to fully implement closed management, such as carrying out the policies like "only in and out", "two points and one line", "collecting meals in batches, not dine-in", wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and multiple rounds of disinfection in the factory area... the labor union has strictly guarded against the epidemic and will endeavor to do a good job of the prevention work and ensure the safe and orderly progress of production and life within our plant as always.

1.completely sterilize indoors and outdoors.


2.all entrances and exits strictly implement closed management and build an epidemic prevention fortress.

111.jpg dine-in, orderly packing in batches.


4.send warmth to each epidemic prevention site.


kunshan plant

on march 18th, we received the nucleic acid test notification for all staff from local government of jinxi, kunshan. then labor union on this site responded quickly, organized internal manpower, and quickly arranged 10 nucleic acid testing sites. after 5 hours, 30,697 people were sampled.


at the same time, the labor union cooperated with relevant departments to set up 2 isolation areas in the park, arranging a total of 552 isolation rooms, and a total of 796 people were isolated. the quarantine working group consisting of 14 people delivered meals more than 2,440 times a day on average.


the isolation area was divided into 89 areas, and the isolation work team conducted sterilization twice a day. the 2 entrances were taken care of in a 24-hour manner to achieve 100% sterilization.

jiashan plant

on march 21, the labor union of luxshare's jiashan plant organized nucleic acid testing for all employees. with 23 nucleic acid testing points, we collected nucleic acid sample of 13,970 people in 3 hours, guaranteeing 100% green codes to enter the factory, guarding over 15,000 commuters and fighting the epidemic.



chuzhou plant

in chuzhou, our labor union actively responded to the call of the chuzhou general union and organized our cadres to participate in the "specialized training session on nucleic acid testing".



on march 12, chuzhou government organized nucleic acid testing for all citizens, and our labor union cadres who participated in the training rushed to the front line to assist medical staff in completing nucleic acid testing.


itinerary code check, mask distribution.


pick up and drop off new recruits and deliver meals for employees in isolation.


jiangxi luxshareintelligent manufacturing plant

all areas in the plant are uniformly sterilized every day, sprayed with disinfectant water, and comprehensively disinfected.


jiangxi boshuo plant

post epidemic prevention and control signs to strengthen personnel control.


every monday, we organize labor union cadres to arrive in the park ahead of schedule to measure the temperature, check the itinerary code and health code of the local employees.


all areas in the park are uniformly sterilized every day, sprayed with disinfectant water, and comprehensively disinfected.


the labor union of jiangxi boshuo actively responded to the call of the ji'an general union and organized staff as volunteers to actively participate in ji'an's epidemic prevention and control exercise.


the prevention and control of the covid-19 is our responsibility, which is as important as an order for us.taking the initiative to fight to overcome the difficulties and contribute to the fight against the epidemic, the labor unions of luxshare's operating and manufacturing sites have actively taken and will also continue to take our responsibilities with practical actions.